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PlayStation 3 Slim Tops a Million

Three weeks to major sales feat for hardware revision.

Sony promotes the PS3 slim on launch day in Akihabara.

Sony Computer Entertainment announced today that its PlayStation 3 slimline hardware revision reached one million units sold three weeks after its release. The figure is actual to-consumer sales rather than the often-cited retail shipments.

The new version of the PS3 hardware was first released in international territories on September 1, with a Japanese release following on the 3rd. The system boasts a smaller size, a larger hard disc, and a lower price point. Domestically, the PS3's pre-slim price was ¥39,800, dropping to ¥29,800 with the new model.

Initial sales for the system appeared to be strong here, with over 150,000 in first week sales reported by independent sales tracker Enterbrain. This was the highest weekly sales total ever for the system. Previously, even with such releases as Metal Gear Solid 4 and the Advent Children Final Fantasy XIII demo, the system had failed to top the 100,000 mark in weekly sales.

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