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Capcom Announces Dead Rising's Frank West For Tatsunoko VS Capcom

Surprised? You'd better not be!


Here in Japan, when news leaks out in advance, video game companies tend to just ignore it and continue with their promotional plans unfazed. It looks like Capcom is following suit with Tatsunoko VS Capcom Ultimate All-stars.

Although the game's bonus character cast was leaked out in advance due to some questionable file name choices by Capcom's web design team, the company proceeded to formally announce one of those characters today during a stage event at the Tokyo Game Show. Joining the previously announced Tekkaman Blade as newcomers for the reverse localization title is Dead Rising's Frank West.

Reporting from the stage event, Famitsu.com writes that producer Ryouta Niizuma cited as reasons for his inclusion the character's popularity in the West as well as the general feeling that he would be a perfect match for the Versus series.

Frank will have moves that fans of the Dead Rising series will recognize, Famitsu.com also reports. You can get a look for yourself in the movie page at the Tatsunoko VS Capcom official site.

In addition to the character, Capcom shared a final release date for the game today. Players worldwide can look forward to the title simultaneously in January. Specifically, North America gets the game on January 26, followed by Japan on the 28th and Europe on the 29th.

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