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Dynasty Warriors Online set for PlayStation 3

This latest Dynasty Warriors game is a bit different. And it's free to play too!


The PlayStation 3 got another major name in the online gaming space today. Koei announced today a PlayStation 3 version of Shin Sangoku Musou Online (aka Dynasty Warriors Online). The PS3 version will be released in 2010.

Koei made the announcement during its "Network Entertainment Festa" stage event at the Tokyo Game Show today. 4gamer reports that no details were announced on the game aside from the time period.

Timed with the TGS announcement, Koei opened a teaser page for the game off its Gamecity portal. The page states that the PS3 version will, like its PC counterpart, have no basic online charge for play.

[NOTE: I previously wrote in this space that the game would be available for free. This is incorrect. The wording at the official site indicates that this will be a retail purchase. The price is currently marked as TBA.]

The newly opened teaser site.

For Koei, this will be the firm's second dabbling with massively multiplayer online titles on the PS3. The company previously released Uncharted Waters Online for the system.

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