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Sony Drops PSP-3000 Price, Details Gran Turismo Bundle

Major movements for driving sim's upcoming release.


Sony announced today a price drop for the PlayStation Portable. The system's PSP-3000 variation will, effective October 1, drop in price to ¥16,800.

The new price affects all color variations (officially, Piano Black, Pearl White, Mystic Silver, Radiant Red, Vibrant Blue, Bright Yellow, and Spirited Green). The system will continue to include its standard 1200mAh battery and AC adapter.

While you might expect the price drop to be timed with the release of the PSP go, it's actually not. Here in japan, the PSP go hits on November 1.

October 1 is the release date for the long awaited PSP version of Gran Turismo. That title also featured into Sony's PSP announcements today as the company shared final details on game's previously announced hardware bundle.

The PSP-3000 Gran Turismo bundle.

As detailed last month, the PSP-3000 Gran Turismo Edition bundles a package copy of Gran Turismo with a special Piano Black PSP-3000. The system includes a GT series logo and specially colored triggers.

Today, the company shared packaging shots, pricing, and accessory details. The bundle will include an original strap, an original pouch, and a 2 gigabyte Memory Stick Pro Duo (Mark2). The original accessories show the GT logo.

Pricing for the bundle is set a ¥22,800. The game on its own goes for ¥5,480 in retail UMD form and ¥4,400 in download form. The PSP-3000's new pricing means that you'll be getting the accessories at no additional charge.

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