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Sony, Square Enix Formally Announce Final Fantasy XIII Hardware Bundle

First look at a PS3 covered in Lightning.


A particularly vague announcement from Square Enix's Final Fantasy XIII Premiere Party event got a lot more specific today as Sony Computer Entertainment Japan and Square Enix shared final details on FFXIII's PlayStation 3 hardware bundle. The announcement was made by FFXIII producer Yoshinori Kitase during a Sony press briefing at the Tokyo Game Show.

The limited edition bundle is formally known as PlayStation 3 Final Fantasy XIII Lightning Edition. Included in the package is a standard retail copy of Final Fantasy XIII, a special Ceramic White PS3, a Ceramic White Dual Shock 3, and power, AV and USB cables.

The PS3 is special for three reasons. In addition to having a pink drawing of main character Lightning on top of its white shell (the system is currently available in black only), internally it houses a 250 gigabyte hard disk. The current standard PS3 includes a 120 gigabyte hard disk.

The special FFXIII PS3 unit.

The bundle, which is officially being sold by Sony Computer Entertainment, carries an MSRP of ¥41,600. This is a ¥2,560 premium over buying FFXIII and a standard black PS3 separately.

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