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Kaz Hirai Confident About Profitability

Sony Computer Entertainment CEO suggests a return to profitability next year.


Sony Computer Entertainment CEO Kaz Hirai shared his vision for the future at yesterday's early morning Tokyo Game Show keynote address. But he didn't mention one area of that vision until an interview with Reuters later that night.

It seems that profitability lies in the near future for Sony's games division. In the Reuters interview, Hirai said "We'd like to reach profitability in the next term."

Sony's games division has been in the red for three consecutive years. In its latest earnings briefing, the company said that it expects another loss for the division this year.

"Turning profitable as soon as possible is my mission," Hirai told Reuters. "We'll actively cut costs where they can be cut and increase sales where they they can be increased. However, we have to also make investments for the future. We'll turn profitable as quickly as possible while balancing these areas."

In addition to expected financial success, Hirai expressed confidence in Sony's ability to meet its 13 million unit sales target for the PlayStation 3 this year. As reason for his optimism, he cited the strong start for the new PS3 and the system's upcoming software lineup.

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