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Tales of Graces Set for December

BoA to perform theme song for Wii Tales title.

Tales of Graces also saw its playable debut at TGS.

The first public day of the Tokyo Game Show saw the expected Tales series stage. This year, Namco Bandai used the stage to share some big news for the upcoming Wii entry in the series.

Tales of Graces will be released in December, producer Hideo Baba revealed during a talk session with the game's voice actors. Pre-orders will kick off on October 8, with those who order in advance getting a post card on the spot and a separate pre-order bonus when picking up the game.

You can't have a Tales game without a major theme song to back it up, and today's event took care of that part of Graces' promotional campaign as well. A new trailer shown at the event had the theme song, "Mamoritai White Wishes (literally, "I Want to Protect It: White Wishes") playing in the background. Towards the end of the Graces' part of the event, Baba revealed that the song is the handy work of BoA. The pop idol made a live appearance at the stage event and admitted that she plays games frequently on the DS and Wii.

Famitsu.com's coverage of the stage event hinted that there could be more songs from BoA outside of the main theme song. According to the site, Baba said something to the effect of "Not just the opening theme song…," but failed to finish the sentence. The site speculates that perhaps we'll hear BoA's music in the game as well.

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