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Xbox 360 Resident Evil 5 To Get Bonus Content Too

Capcom plans on offering added content in a different form.

Jun Takeuchi shows off RE5 Alternative Edition at Sony's press briefing.

Are you an Xbox 360 owner? Are you an Xbox 360 owner who also owns Resident Evil 5? Then you were probably bummed at the surprise Tokyo Game Show news that the PS3 will be getting new RE5 content through Resident Evil 5 Alternative Edition.

As detailed during a Sony press conference on the first day of the show, Resident Evil 5 Alternative Edition is a new PS3 version of RE5. As its main feature, the game includes motion controller support and is being timed to release with Sony's as-yet unnamed peripheral in the Spring.

There's more to the game than just the motion controller support, though. RE5 producer Jun Takeuchi, during a demo session at the Sony press conference, said that visitors to the Capcom booth would be able to see a short trailer that hinted at what's new. That footage has since leaked out, so you can see it for yourself.

A Dengeki Online report from a Resident Evil Darkside Chronicles stage event that was held on the first day of the show has more specific details. The new feature Takeuchi was referring to is a new playable sequence in the original mansion. This was told in the original RE5 as a flashback scene.

Until Project Natal specifics surface, 360 owners are probably out of luck with the motion controls. But, based off the Dengeki report, 360 players may at least get the added scenario. According to the site, Capcom plans on offering the content to Xbox 360 owners in a different form.

Perhaps 360 players can look forward to some additional paid download content next Spring.

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