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Tetsuya Nomura Talks Final Fantasy Versus XIII

Producer expects development on FFXIII sister production to accelerate.

The FF Versus XIII footage shown at TGS had what looked like real gameplay footage. However, It appears that the footage was just a technology test.

One of the biggest surprises of the Tokyo Game Show -- in part because producer Tetsuya Nomura had said it probably wouldn't be there -- was a new video for Final Fantasy Versus XIII. And this wasn't any old trailer. It contained what appeared to be first actual gameplay footage from the game.

Famitsu.com managed to score an interview with Nomura and quizzed him on just what was being shown in the video.

The new Versus XIII footage showed the game's main character running around in a town at various points during the day, then out in a field that was populated by large monsters. The footage was filmed with a camera, presumably by the game's staff whose commentary could be seen in text shown below the footage.

According to Nomura, the footage wasn't actually from a development version of the game, but was rather part of a technology test. It's not the case that everything shown during the clip will be used in the actual game. The clip was quickly made in an effort to show that Versus is in development and ease fan anxieties.

Regarding the scene showing the main character walking around town during different times of the day, Nomura said that this was just a test of how far they could differentiate day and night scenes. The NPC characters who populated the town during the daytime were actually borrowed from Final Fantasy XIII.

The map that was used for the following field scene was made in two weeks, said Nomura. It won't be used in that form in the final version of the game. The "behemoth" creature from the clip was without textures, he also said. Regarding the game's fields, Nomura added that Versus will probably have more natural landscapes than Final Fantasy XIII (I recall him having said something like this this in the past).

It appears that the only "official" parts of the trailer surrounded main character Noctis. The clothing worn in the trailer by Noctis is the official clothing designed by Roen Creative Director Kei Takahara.

The Famitsu.com interview went off into a lengthy aside about the game's clothing tie-up with Roen. Asked if accessories for the game would be Roen branded, Nomura said that Noctis does not wear accessories like necklaces and earrings. The only accessory he wears is a ring on his right hand. This ring is worn as part of the story.

While Noctis wears nothing but the ring on his right hand, he wears a biker glove on his left hand. Asked if this means that Noctis rides a bike, Nomura responded with a laugh, "Probably."

The Noctis character shown in the video is pretty much finalized, said Nomura. Asked of there have been any changes to the characters since past showings, he said that the hair has been cut a bit shorter, although the style is unchanged.

And finally, the big question about development progress. According to Nomura, the development team has been working on tests since last year. Since the Spring, they've been gradually increasing staff. With FFXIII's development winding down, staff from that project are coming over to Versus, so he expects development to accelerate from here on out.

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