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Capcom Looking Into Japan-only Resident Evil Darkside Chronicles Content

Two months additional waiting could result in bonuses.

The RE Darkside Chronicles demo space at TGS.

Resident Evil Darkside Chronicles was one of Capcom's main attractions this year, with lines of over two hours forming within minutes of the show floor opening.

While Capcom provided a lengthy three stage demo for players to sample, including a demo of the new South American stage that features RE4's Jack Krauser, there was some bad news for those who can't wait to play without having to wait in line. The company announced a final Japanese release date of January 14, 2010 for the title. This, of course, is two months after the game's US release.

But Japanese players may get a bonus for their wait. Dengeki Online reports that during a Darkside Chronicles stage event at the show, the game's producer Masahiro Kawada said "We're looking into original elements for the Japanese version." He did not provide further details, and Dengeki suggested that its readers look forward to a followup report.

The stage event also featured an appearance by rockstar Kiyoharu (he's the shadey-looking guy with the black hat in the Dengeki story). Kiyoharu will be performing the game's theme song. He said of his role on the project, "It was such an honor that I thought, 'Excellent!'"

Unrelated to Darkside Chronicles, the stage event also provided a brief glimpse at the new PS3 Resident Evil 5 game. See this story for more on that.

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