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Super SFIV Official Blog: Arcade Version Not Ruled Out

Plus, an official look at Dee Jay, along with a first gameplay trailer showing the erotic Juri.


I'm not sure if Capcom was trying to be secretive about Dee Jay's appearance in Super Street Fighter IV. Whatever the case, the character was totally, utterly, ultra super turbo confirmed dash today with the latest update to the game's official site.

The stat page for the platinum selling Jamaican musician who also happens to be a kick boxer looks like this:

  • Name: Dee Jay/D.J.
  • Country: Jamaica
  • Birthday: 10/31
  • Age: 29
  • Height: 184cm
  • Weight: 92kg
  • Three Sizes: 130/89/94
  • Blood Type: AB
  • Likes: Scream, Sing, Dance
  • Hates: Silence
  • Job: Musician/Kick Boxer
  • Fighting Style: Kick Boxing

The trailer section of the site was also updated today with the game's second promotional trailer. It starts off with the ink art of the first trailer, but quickly gets right to the good stuff: actual gameplay footage of T.Hawk, Juri and Dee Jay.

You know how producer Yoshinori Ono said something about Juri being a bit on the erotic side in that recent Famitsu interview? He actually made specific mention of her super moves. This might be why:

After she beats up on Bison a bit, she gently rubs his face and says "It felt good, didn't it?". Look for Juri's slightly erotic super move midway through the trailer.

Finally, the latest update to the SFIV blog. In this latest post, assistant producer Nakky (real name Natsuki Aizawa) confirms that the game is only coming to the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. She says something about using the PS3 and Xbox 360 hardware to their fullest in order to offer players a more appealing fighting arena where they can better show their skills to players throughout the world.

This is just my speculation, but perhaps this means we can expect some visual features in there that the arcade version's Type X board couldn't keep up with?

Arcade players shouldn't completely give up, though. Says Nakky, "It's not the case that there's definitely not a chance for an arcade version. One thing I absolutely want to get across is, we most definitely haven't given up on the arcade Street Fighter IV."

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