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Watch Toshihiro Nagoshi Get Mobbed by Yakuza Hostesses

Sega debuts the hottest additions to the Yakuza world at TGS. Famitsu uploads a video of it all.


Following Kaz Hirai's uneventful keynote address on day one of the Tokyo Game Show, I had the choice of sticking around and hearing Yoichi Wada and a bunch of other suits talk about the state of the Japanese game industry, or running to the Sega booth to see Toshihiro Nagoshi speak about Yakuza 4.

I chose the latter. And I'm glad I did. Not because I like hearing Nagoshi speak or anything, but because of this:

Towards the end of the Yakuza 4 stage event, the ladies who'd won the game's hostess contest appeared on stage. Not only were we able to see them in the flesh, but we were able to confirm that they can actually speak... using big words, too!

Famitsu uploaded a couple of videos of the stage event to its Famitsutube Channel at YouTube. The first of two clips below shows the gameplay parts of the stage, where Nagoshi talks about the changes we can expect for Yakuza 4. The second clip shows the above images in motion, along with a behind-the-scenes look at the hostess auditions. Stream here:

The seven girls will appear as hostesses in Yakuza 4. They'll also be used in the game's various promotional campaigns. Sega put them to work at TGS during separate Yakuza stage events and also as part of a popular exhibit where general attendees were able to get their picture taken with the girls. Nagoshi himself demonstrated how it's done:

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