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Help Determine the FFCC: Crystal Bearers Bonus Item

Or at least sample a few Crystal Bearers themes.

Layle is waiting for your vote.

Square Enix is giving away a soundtrack CD as a bonus item for Wii's Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Crystal Bearers. This shouldn't surprise you, as it's pretty typical for a Square Enix gift.

Okay, how's this? Square Enix is lettings members of its Square Enix Members service vote to determine the songs that end up on the soundtrack.

Surprised? Well you'd better not be, because this is also a pretty typical promotion for for the company.

Registered members in the free Square Enix Members service can access a special campaign page to listen to ten sample tracks and select up to three for inclusion in the bonus soundtrack. The top six vote getters will be included in the bonus soundtrack, which carries the tentative name of "Mini Soundtrack."

Voting kicked off yesterday (as you can see, I'm really ahead of these things) and will run through midnight on October 16. You're free to change your votes as many times as you want during the period.

Even those who aren't interested in voting can listen to the soundtrack samples at the campaign site.

This promotion is a bit different from other bonus promotions. Instead of getting the soundtrack when you pick up your copy of the game, you'll get it in the mail once you've registered the game's serial number at the Square Enix Members site.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Crystal Bearers hits on November 12.

The latest Crystal Bearers screenshots, shared at the Tokyo Game Show.

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