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Check Out the Tales of Vesperia Movie Costumes

PS3-only download content available ahead of movie release.


Even though it had already been released one week prior, Namco Bandai still managed to offer up a bit of news on the PS3 version of Tales of Vesperia at the Tokyo Game Show. The big announcement was that as part of a promotional campaign for the upcoming Veseria movie, players of the game would be able to download special movie costumes for Fren and Yuri.

Those costumes hit yesterday. Today, Namco Bandai shared some high res screens for those of use who've yet to make the download:

These costumes are available for ¥300 for the set of two.

On the note of the Vesperia movie, Famitsu.com posted an interview with director Kanta Kamei today. Kamie tells the site that production on the film, including the scenario, took about two and a half years. The movie was actually scheduled to come out prior to the PS3 version's release, he says, but the schedule ended up slipping a bit.

Outside of the Vesperia tie-in costumes, Namco Bandai also shared today a bunch of additional screens for Vesperia showing off Christmas costumes, a snowboarding mini game, and a bunch of blindingly colorful Patty special attack scenes. I have no idea what's new and what's just Namco Bandai marketing trying to keep the game in the headlines, so I'll just refer you to the image gallery.

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