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Namco Bandai Planning DSiWare Tales Mini Game

Latest on Tales of Graces, including a DS mini game, the item synthesis system, and a new character.


The latest batch of Tales of Graces screenshots has something that doesn't look much like a Wii game.

Tales of Graces includes a DS mini game. Titled Kamenin Merchant, the mini game is downloadable from Tales of Graces to your DS using DS Download Play.

In the mini game, you explore randomly generated dungeons, defeating monsters, leveling up, and making use of dropped items and equipment.

The mini game ties into Graces in more ways than just the initial download. Once you've defeated the mini game's bosses, you can transfer your play results back to the Wii to more quickly obtain rare items. Your progress in Graces adds more stages to the mini game.

Kamenin Merchant looks like it will add a new side to Tales of Graces: multiplayer. Using DS Wireless Play, four players can team up in the mini game to take on tough bosses.

Do you like what you see in Kamenin Merchant but would rather not buy a full Tales game to play it? You may not have to. Namco Bandai says that it plans on releasing Kamenin Merchant! as a solo DSiWare app.

The Graces screenshot update also includes a first look at a new character, Richard. Prince of Windol Kingdom, the 19-year-old Richard is loved by the kingdom's citizens. He does not like conflict, and his pained by the political battles that are waging surrounding the successor to the throne. Richard and main character Aspel's are friends, having met in their youth.

In addition to the new character, Namco Bandai provided a look today at the game's "Dualize" item synthesis system. You can use this system to strengthen your weapons, prepare food, and more. The system is apparently simple to use, requiring that you simply select two items.

As detailed at the Tokyo Game Show, Graces is now due for release in December. Be sure and check out my hands-on impressions for a preview of what to expect from the game's combat.

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