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Nintendo Details New DSiWare Games

More Clocks! More Vocabulary! More Mini Mario!


The DSiWare flood continues. Nintendo opened special pages today for six upcoming download titles, all due for release on October 7.

Two of the games aren't actually new. Itsudemo Bomberman was previously announced by Hudson as a 500 DSiPoint download. Mario VS Donkey Kong Mini Mini Saikoushin is already available overseas. In Japan, it will carry an 800 DSiPoint price.

New from Nintendo is a unique language program with an extremely long name that translates to "You Can Use the Camera Too: Japanese, English, French, German, Spanshi, Italian -- Vocabulary Translation Dictionary." This 500 DSiPoint translation program translates some 15,000 words between the six languages in its name. In addition to using the stylus to input words, the program includes image recognition software that will let you use the DSi camera to take pictures of words.

Also from Nintendo is a new form of clock: Sleep Record Alarm Clock. This 200 DSiPoint app turns your DSi into an alarm clock. It also records your nightly sleep time and graphs the data, allowing you to view your sleeping patterns. Even if you forget to set the alarm clock, you can manually enter your sleep data.

Tasuke is readying a simple game of shogi. at Shogi Challenge Spirits offers single player shogi against a CPU opponent whose difficulty level you can freely set. The game's challenge mode includes different challenges depending on your player level. Pricing is set at 200 DSiPoints.

Tom Create has somewhat of a puzzle game on the way in the 200 DSiPoint Ichimoudajin! Neko King. Given a bunch of mice and cats, you draw a line to capture just the mice. The game offers two modes: Tokoton Neko King, where you aim for the high score, and One Minute Neko King, where you see how many mice you can capture in a minute.

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