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2channel Founder Hosts Halo 3: ODST Night

Face off against Hiroyuki and top Halo players in next week's Xbox Live Park.


Do you want to tell 2channel founder Hiroyuki just what you think about the affect of anonymity on the internet? Here's your chance! And while you mouth off, you'll get to play Halo 3: ODST too!

This guy founded that message board you always hear about.

Installment 86 of Microsoft's Xbox Live Park online event has been dubbed Halo 3: ODST Night. As detailed by Microsoft yesterday, the event, set for October 9 from 22:30 to 24:30, will feature appearances by 2channel founder Hiroyuki Nishimura, Halo 2 Worldwide Tournament 2nd rank aimitux, and Halo 3 Japan Championship top placer KAZ. You'll able to play co-op play and team battle play with these three.

To join in on the fun add one of "LIVE Park 03" or "LIVE Park 08" gamer tags to your friend list. Each tag can accept 100 players.

As always, the event will also be live broadcast on Nico Nico Video, of which Hiroyuki is one of the founders.

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