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Zenimax Readies Fallout 3 Content for Japan

PS3 owners get download contents pack and Game of the Year Edition.


Fallout 3 was one of the most critically acclaimed games of last year here in Japan. It didn't pull huge numbers -- but what foreign game outside of Grand Theft Auto does?

Zenimax Asia apparently deemed the game a big enough success that it will be offering a few special content packages for PS3 owners.

Current owners of Fallout 3 can look forward to the Add-on Contents Pack. Set for December 3, this ¥5,040 retail release includes includes all five pieces of Fallout 3 download content. These were previously available only for the Xbox 360, but PS3 owners now have access to them at about ¥1,000 savings over what 360 owners had to pay to buy everything separately.

Fallout 3 is also joining the PlayStation 3 the Best series. This budget version of the game will hit on November 26, priced at ¥2,940.

Zenimax is also giving Fallout 3 Game of the Year Edition a release here in Japan. This includes Fallout 3 and all the add-on content and will hit on December 3 at ¥7,140.

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