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These Were the Top Games of September

Love Plus was ninth in the charts, but one in our hearts.


Right on schedule, Famitsu.com has shared a recap of September's game sales based off the usual Enterbrain data. The mainstream press spoiled some of the surprise on Saturday, but now we have a full look at the top ten game releases for last month.

September's number one game. No surprise here!

As detailed on Friday, Pokemon Heart Gold & Soul Silver was the number one game for the month, with its two SKUs combining to outsell all other games in the top 10 combined. Friend Collections' performance is also notable. The game has placed third every month since its release, and while this month's figure wasn't as high as last month's 430,000, it was still enough for an increase in rank to 2.

Here's the full top ten for August 31 through September 27:

  • 1. Pokemon Heart Gold & Soul Silver (Pokemon, NDS): 2,067,609
  • 2. Friend Collection (Nintendo, NDS): 320,767 (total 1,156,103)
  • 3. Tales of Vesperia (Namco Bandai, PS3): 272,465
  • 4. Gundam Senki (Namco Bandai, PS3): 210,092
  • 5. Dragon Quest IX (Square Enix, NDS): 159,825 (total 3,925,285)
  • 6. Jikkyou Powerful Pro Baseball Portable 4 (Konami, PSP): 151,146
  • 7. Wii Sports Resort (Nintendo, Wii): 144,499 (total 1,194,491)
  • 8. SaGa 2 Goddess of Destiny (Square Enix, NDS): 130,051
  • 9. Love Plus (Konami, NDS): 81,279
  • 10. Yu-gi-oh 5D's Tag Force 4 (Konami, PSP): 66,352

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