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Sega Brings Project Diva to Arcades

Fans can create music for new version of Vocaloid rhythm game.


Following a successful video game debut on the PSP a couple of months back, virtual idol Hatsune Miku has her sights set on a new platform. Sega announced today the development of the tentatively titled Project DIVA Arcade, an arcade title featuring the popular Vocaloid.

Sega hasn't shared much on Project DIVA Arcade, aside from describing it as a rhythm game.

The company is taking a unique approach to the game's track list. The general public will be given a chance to contribute their own music for use in the game. Contributions will be accepted between October 15 and October 31 at the Project Diva Nico Nico Channel. Songs must be between 2:30 and 3:30 in length and cannot be remixes or variations of existing songs. Pro and amateur are both okay.

The Project DIVA development staff will select the winning songs and announce them at Nico Nico on November 16. Winners will have the honor of their song being used in a location test that's set for January 2001, and possibly in the final arcade release as well. Additionally, Sega will be giving winners Hatsune Miku goods.

See the Nico Nico Channel for a teaser clip for the arcade game. This clip was posted a couple of weeks back, but the game's identity was only announced today.

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