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Latest Winning Eleven Arcade Game Goes on Location Test

WEAC2010 allows you to carry over your 2008 data.


Konami keeps on unveiling its upcoming arcade games through location test notices. The latest title to undergo the product cycle seen by numerous Bemani games before it is Winning Eleven Arcade Championship 2010.

This new installment in the arcade Winning Eleven series went on location test today around Tokyo today. Players will have a chance to sample the title in advance until the 12th. See the location test notice page for specifics.

As we've come to expect, Konami has yet to share official details on the new title. Based off the warnings at the location test notice page, it appears that you'll be able to carry over your WEAC2008 data to WEAC2010. Additionally, the game will have a UEFA Champions League mode -- although this mode won't be playable in the location test version.

See the WEAC2008 official site for a refresher on what the arcade series is all about while you wait for more details on the 2010 installment to surface.

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