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Mobile Final Fantasy IV Adds New Dungeon

Find out what happened before FFIV The After.


Did you play Final Fantasy IV The After on your mobile device and find yourself wondering what happened in the original FFIV? Now's your chance to find out! Square Enix at long last released Final Fantasy IV for iMode phones today.

The mobile version of the Super Famicom classic appears to be based on the Game Boy Advance remake. Similar to that version, players can now switch out party members towards the end of the story. Mobile players also have an exclusive original dungeon to look forward to in the Extra Dungeon mode that you unlock after clearing the game.

iMode players can download FFIV for 800 points, the equivalent of ¥840. EZweb and Yahoo! Keitai versions are also planned.

See the game's official site for some wallpaper downloads.

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