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No Refreshment For You

Mother nature gives Sony a sign about its latest marketing campaign.


Looks like Sony's latest promotion just wasn't meant to be. Mother nature has stepped in and put the breaks on the Minna no Sukkiri garbage truck. Originally scheduled to make its second tour of Tokyo's Sankei Building business area tomorrow, the truck will stay in the garage due to an approaching typhoon.

Sony's gotta make this thing waterproof!

Sony announced the cancelation at the Minna no Sukkiri official site. The decision, says Sony, was made with consideration to safety.

They're presumably talking about the safety of participants in the event, but those pricey PSP go units probably wouldn't hold up too well in the rain, either.

For those who really wanted to be refreshed at the side of the Sukkiri Girls and a brightly colored garbage truck, Sony says to wait for the outings on the 15th or 22nd... weather permitting, of course.

Would they be so cheery in stormy weather?

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