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Tales of Graces Gets Special Wii Bundle

Date set for Wii RPG.

The latest installment of the Tales series drops in early December.

Namco Bandai announced today final release information on Tales of Graces. Included in the announcement was the unveiling of a special Wii bundle.

Previously announced for December release, the highly anticipated RPG is now finalized for December 10. Pricing is set at ¥7,329.

In addition to the software-only version of the game, buyers will also be able to choose from a hardware bundle. Known as the Tales of Graces Special Pack, this bundle includes a standard white Wii, a white Classic Controller Pro, and a copy of the game. Pricing for this is set at ¥27,800, representing a savings of about ¥1,500 over buying everything separately.

The information about the date and bundle have been posted at the game's official site, but Namco Bandai has yet to share a look at the packaging.

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