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Koei Bundles Samurai Warriors with Wii

Black Wii gets its second bundle following Monster Hunter.


Today appears to be the day for Wii bundles. Joining Namco Bandai's announcement of a white Wii bundle for Tales of Graces, Koei has come through with an announcement of a black Wii bundle for Sengou Musou 3 (to be presumably known as Samurai Warriors 3 overseas).

The Sengoku Musou 3 with Wii bundle will include a copy of the game, a black Wii system, a special black Classic Controller Pro and a set of special post cards. Pricing is set at ¥27,300.

The game will also be available individually at ¥7,140. Those who want the special Classic Controller Pro can opt for the Sengoku Musou 3 Special Classic Controller Pro Set, which will go for ¥8,715.

Koei will also offer the Sengoku Musou 4 Treasure Box. Priced at ¥11,865, this includes a copy of the game, the special Classic Controller Pro, a mini figure, an original soundtrack CD, and an art/strategy book.

The latest Samurai Warriors game will hit Wii on December 3, Koei also announced today.

The Wii bundle (left) and Treasure Box (right).
The previously detailed Classic Controller Pro.
Screenshots of Samurai Warriors 3.

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