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Capcom Planning New Official Tournament for SFIV

Plus, a sneak peak at Super's new "Saka Saka" effects.


Two major points of interest in this week's posting at the Street Fighter IV blog.

First up is some talk about a new visual technique that will be used in Super Street Fighter IV. This technique makes it look like the characters have been drawn with pencil markings. You may have noticed the effect in the first Ryu VS Ken trailer and in the illustrations for Dee Jay and the likes.

The development staff refers to the technique by a variety of names, including "Saka Saka Touch." These names are all unofficial, though. Currently, Capcom is looking for names, which readers of the blog can presumably contribute through the comments section.

Here's what the "Saka Saka Touch" effects look like for Ryu, Ken, and Sagat:

These images are unfortunately small, so it's hard to see the markings on the actual characters themselves. See the official site artwork for a closer look.

The second part of post contains first announcement of a new Capcom official tournament for SFIV. This is currently in the planning stages. Details will be shared in a future update.

The wording at the blog suggests that this is an arcade tournament, so it will presumably use SFIV rather than Super SFIV. But -- and this is just my speculation -- perhaps Capcom will be able to use the tournament grounds to give players an early peak at Super.

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