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Sony Shares White Knight Chronicles 2 Screens and Details

Screens show avatar transformations, new knight, and six member parties.


White Knight Chronicles EX hit retail yesterday. Perhaps it's just a coincidence, but Sony decided to open the floodgates today on the game's sequel.

As first revealed at last month's Tokyo Game Show, the sequel is titled Shirokishi Monogatari: Hikari to Yami no Kakusei. The name can be translated, unofficially, as White Knight Chronicles: Awakening of Light and Darkness.

The story of White Knight 2 follows the events of the original. Main character Leonard has formed a contract with one of five giant knights. As part of his battle with the Wizard people who aimed to gather all the knights, Leonard and his allies unlocked the secrets of the Dogma War, a great war that took place 10,000 years before.

This new chapter in the White Knight Chronicles saga promises to expand in scale to the whole of the land. Things kick off with the City of Greed, the Kingdom of Barandel, and the Magic Republic of Foria all facing various problems.

You'll once again create your own avatar character who will accompany Leonard on his adventure and will also serve as your online persona when you play the game's network mode. Your avatar character will play a greater role in the story this time around.

Screens highlighting the avatar part of the game hint at some major additions for the sequel. There are a few shots showing your character transforming; something along this line was mentioned in past Famitsu interview stories, but Sony has not provided details.

The first White Knight Chronicles featured four giant knights: Leonard's White Knight, the Black Knight, the Dragon Knight, and the Sun King (I'm not sure if these are the proper English translations -- same goes for all the names you see in this story).

White Knight 2 adds one more, "Tsukihime," or "Moon Princess." She's the only female knight in the bunch, and with her bow and arrow, she emphasizes long distance attacks. Her allegiance is unknown at present.

The game's combat system promises to retain the basics of the first White Knight, while adding new skills and readjusting the balance of current skills. The individual roles for your party members will be more greatly emphasized.

Sony didn't specifically mention this, but screenshots suggest that your battle party can now include six members.

Sony and Level-5 also shared screens and artwork of the new areas, monsters and equipment we can expect for the sequel. Of these, it provided details only on the new "Forest of Mystery" area. This area is a holy forest which surrounds Foria. It has been protected since ancient times by four forest gods who control the seasons.

See the full gallery for artwork of the other new areas, the new beasts, and the equipment.

White Knight 2 is without final release information, but with the information now officially flowing, the wait hopefully won't be too far off.

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