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Tecmo Koei Announcing New Game Next Week

New product from team Musou on the way?


Back at the Tokyo Game Show, Tecmo Koei shared a teaser trailer for a mysterious new game. You can see the trailer here.

If you can read the Japanese text that recently appeared at the page, you'll already know the good news. The page promises a full unveiling for the game on October 14.

The unveiling will take place at a Tokyo press conference. Joining Tecmo Koei president Kenji Matsubara at the event will be producer Hisashi Koinuma.

Koinuma was director of Samurai Warriors 2 on PS2 and producer of Samurai Warriors 3 on Wii and Dynasty Warriors Gundam on PS3. Perhaps we can expect a new Musou/Warriors title?

You may not have to wait for press coverage for this particular event. The teaser page promises a live broadcast through Nico Nico Video's live streaming service. Details are promised for the 13th.

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