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How Does Hideo Kojima Feel About Obama's Nobel Peace Prize Win?

Plus, a peculiar meeting with the 428 and Love Plus staff.


If you're like me, the first thing you wondered when Obama's Nobel Peace Prize win was announced was, "What does Hideo Kojima think about this?"

The answer is this:

He looks at once satisfied and reassuring. I like this Kojima more than these Kojimas:

The text of a post at the Kojipro blog dated 10/9 reads:

"President Obama, who declared 'A World Without Nuclear Weapons' in Prague, has won the Nobel Peace Prize.

Has the era at last started shifting?

The start of the Peace Walker plan? I hope that comes to be.

'Peace will not walk to you'

'You must both walk towards one another.'

From the gym."

Yes, Kojima has been working out again.

In another post, also from the 9th (where does the guy get so much time to blog?), we get to see a pic of Kojima with Mino Taro (left), Love Plus producer Akari Uchida, and 428 director Ijiro Ishi, who's apparently extremely tall. No explanation why they've all gathered.

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