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Sega Announces End of Eternity Release Date Announcement Countdown

Plus, guess the identity of the mysterious EoE DVD.


Oh Sega, don't ever change (unless part of the change involves giving Yu Suzuki 50 million dollars to make Shenmue 3 -- do it!)

End of Eternity (also known in lesser parts of the world as "Resonance of Fate") is currently flagged with a vague Winter release time period. But that's about to get way more specific.

According to Mr. Yamashita at the official End of Eternity blog, "Development is progressing well, and we should be able to announce a release date after a few weeks."

So check back in a few weeks for an announcement about a release date for Sega's tri-Ace tie-up pro-ject. And don't be surprised if this announcement comes in the form of a countdown. The blog notes that EoE producer Mitsuhiro Shimano is a big fan of countdowns.

Hey, would you look at that... a Japanese person who's a big fan of countdowns.

This area of the release date is apparently a big topic of concern for team EoE. Writes Mr. Yamashita, "Even when I'm sleeping, even when I'm awake, even when I'm eating beef bowls at Matsuya, all sorts of dates float in my head and then disappear. As this has continued, it's reached the point where I can no longer remember the current date."

The blog closes off with this mysterious image:

"What is this disk?" asks the blog.

What, are we supposed to know?

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