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Was Street Fighter IV's Abel Once a Little French Girl?

SFIV developer blog reveals what the new World Warrior originally looked like.


This is Abel, one of Street Fighter IV's newcomer fighters:

This is what Abel used to look like:

Can you spot the differences? Look closely!

Explained SFIV battle planner Taisaku Okada at the Street Fighter IV blog today, "With Abel, we wanted to make someone representative of 'the weak can beat the strong,' and so he was originally a small judo character who could be mistaken for a girl."

Hmm... the drawing sure looks like a girl. But maybe this is one of those "cultural" things.

Outside of Abel's effeminate origins, Okada and other members of the SFIV staff shared lots of interesting details on SFIV's development in this second development staff blog post.

Converting Dhalsim for the new title while maintaining his look was particularly difficult, said art director Toshiyuki Kamei.

He also made a note of Honda's bones -- they're fully in 3D (I presume this actually goes for all the characters).

Kamei also talked about some of the difficulties the staff had in coming up with the direction for the game's visuals. Ryu served as the basis for creating all the characters, but to finalize the direction they took with him, they changed their approach over ten times, adjusting such areas as body shape and face. During this time, the staff fought quite a bit.

Kamei believes that while not necessarily following the direction taken by other games, they took the right approach for the Street Fighter series.

If you can read Japanese (or don't mind machine translations), see the original post for more.

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