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Capcom Shares Monster Hunter Festa Attendance Totals

Which part of Japan has the monster hunters?


Last week's Sapporo installment of the Monster Hunter Festa event series was the final leg of the tournament's regional showings. The series of events will close off on October 25 with an invite-only finale in Tokyo.

Following the Sapporo event, Capcom shared visitor stats for all Monster Hunter Festa events. In case you're into the numbers, here's what attendance looked like for this year's big Monster Hunter tournament.

  • Tokyo: 9,000
  • Osaka: 9,000
  • Nagoya: 7,000
  • Fukuoka: 4,000
  • Sapporo: 3,300

In all, starting with the August 23 Tokyo event and finishing with the October 11 Sapporo event, some 32,000 people attended the official Monster Hunter tournament somewhere in Japan. Each free event saw the crowning of regional Monster Hunter 3 teams who will take part on the October 25 finale.

Here are links to 4gamer's coverage of each installment:

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