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What Does 24's Jack Bauer Have to Do With Yakuza?

Voice of the guy who killed 18 people appears in the latest Yakuza podcast.


No, Jack Bauer will not be appearing in the new Yakuza game. But his Japanese voice actor does make an appearance in the latest installment of the Yakuza podcast.

This week's Shin Kamiyacho Radio Station broadcast, the sixth broadcast since the Yakuza series radio show was restarted a couple of months back, features an appearance by Rikiya Koyama. Koyama is known for his deep Bauer voice, as heard both in the Japanese language version of the hit television show, and in a number of Calorie Mate commercials.

More closer to the Yakuza series, Koyama is also the voice of Taiga Saejima, one of Yakuza 4's four main characters. Saejima is the guy who killed 18 people. Based off the TGS trailer footage, this appears to have been done all in one sitting and without any need for reloading (he carried with him a bunch of guns in a bunch of places).

Koyama is second from right. Beside him are Takaya (right) and Ugaki (left).

While Koyama's appearance in the radio program is due to his Saejima role, MC's Kuroda Takaya (voice of Kazuma Kiryu) and Hidenari Ugaki (voice of Goro Majima) do manage to get him to switch into Bauer mode for the fans.

You can hear the broadcast for yourself the Yakuza series official site.

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