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Sample UFO Prizes In Advance at New Sega Arcade

Sega introduces a new twist for its prize machine business.


Have you ever spent half a month's salary trying to obtain a prize from a UFO catcher machine only to be disappointed with the quality? Sega seems to have come up with a solution for this pressing problem.

On October 20, Sega will open a new large scale amusement facility in the city of Amagasaki. Named Sega World Kokoe Amagasaki, this four story facility targets families and young adults.

Sega will be testing out a new twist on UFO catcher machines here. While visitors will have access to all the expected prize and UFO machines just as in any other arcade, the Amagasaki facility will allow potential players to "sample" the prizes in advance. Before you start putting in the 100 yen pieces, you'll be able to feel your possible winnings to make sure they match your expectations.

The images Sega handed out to the press suggest that the prizes are simply placed around the facility for anyone to touch.

Pics of the new amusement center, distributed by Sega today.

This program has only been announced for the new Amagasaki facility. It's unclear if it will be used in other Sega shops.

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