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Nintendo Kicks off Helper Master Program

Gain access to every Virtual Console Famicom, Super Famicom, and Nintendo 64 title through Nintendo's new campaign.


Ready to start earning yourself a full digital collection of classic Nintendo console software? Nintendo's "Helper Master" program kicked off yesterday, so it's time to get cracking!

Since March, Nintendo has been holding a campaign designed to promote use of the internet through the Wii. Wii owners can help other Wii owners get their system connected to the internet. Do this, and both parties receive 500 WiiPoints.

Details on how to participate can be seen at Nintendo's campaign page. The gist is that both parties have to input each other's Wii code number into a campaign area of the Wii Shopping Channel.

This campaign drew particular attention in early September with the announcement that frequent helpers could receive some free Nintendo games. Those who help 10 people are dubbed Helper Master 10 and gain unlimited access to Nintendo's first party Virtual Console Famicom lineup.

The real sweet deal is for those who help 20 people out. Nintendo will dub you Helper Master 20, and give you unlimited access to every Virtual Console Famicom, Super Famicom and Nintendo 64 title. Nintendo's campaign page confirms that the Helper Master 20 bonus includes both first and third party titles alike, contrary to initial reports that only first party games would be offered.

So what do you do if you you already have a bunch of Virtual Console titles on your system? Nintendo will be allowing Helper Masters to give their currently owned titles as presents to friends.

For overseas players, this campaign is a Japan-only thing and will only work with Japanese Wii consoles.

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