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Special Mini Game For Everybody's Sukkiri

Sony ties up with morning television program for variation on mini game.


The latest Hot Shots game is expanding through download content. Sony made available today a download that adds a new coat of paint to one of the mini games in Everybody's Sukkiri.

The download is part of a collaboration with a morning television show on Nippon TV that just happens to have the same name as the game, "Sukkiri" (this is a common word which means "refreshing"). The download opens up a new version of the game's "Sukkiri! Pie Toss" mini-game. This special version is set in the "Sukkiri" studio. Cast members, including Terry Ito, Koji Kato, and Helene Hayama, appear in the game and react to your pie tosses.

Sony will be offering the free download through the end of 2009. Interested parties can access it via PlayStation Store and PlayStation Spot.

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