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First Look: Tales of Graces Curry

Namco Bandai teams up with House for latest video game inspired food product.


Tales of Graces is just a few weeks away from release. And, ever since Tales of Hearts, you know what that means! That's right, it's time for delicious Tales of Mabo Curry!

Namco Bandai and House Shokuhin are teaming up to recreate the Tales of Graces Mabo Curry recovery item in real life. The staff members from the game have worked with House Shokuhin's food specialists to develop the packaged curry, which will be available in two levels of spiciness.

Unfortunately, the front of the box doesn't really provide too much indication that this is a Tales related product, aside from a small sticker. But turn the package over, and you'll see an information box about the game. Fliers for House Mabo Curry product will also offer information about the game. On the flip side, Namco Bandai will be introducing the House Mabo Curry items on the official Tales blog.

Look for the curry item on store shelves on December 7, at open pricing.

As for the game off which the item is based, Namco Bandai has a ship date set for December 10. Be on the lookout for the Mabo Curry item in the game, as shown in the screenshots Namco Bandai handed out today.

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