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Check out the Latest Monster Hunter Goods

Cheese chips and weapon figures to help fuel your Monster Hunter obsession.


You're a Monster Hunter fanatic. You've logged in thousands of hours on the Wii version, and have traveled the country in order to attend each installment of the Monster Hunter Festa event.

You're such a big fan that you'd eat Monster Hunter if you could. Well now you can! Capcom provided a look today at the latest real life Monster Hunter snack, a recreation of the series' "Life Dust" item.

Monster Hunter Life Dust Snack includes salty chips which can be eaten as is or coated with an included cheese powder pack. As with the game, Capcom suggests using it to help your allies when they're in a pinch.

Bandai Candy will release the ¥147 snack on November 16 at convenience stores, super markets, and snack shops.

Joining the snack update, Capcom provided a look at the latest Monster Hunter figure collections.

The Monster Hunter Hunter Weapon Collection Vol.2 is set for release on February 16, 2010. Each weapon will sell for ¥525, or you can opt for a box of 12 for ¥6,300.

Late January will see the release of round four of the game's realistic monster statue collection. Each figure, created with the supervision of the Monster Hunter staff, will sell for ¥683.

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