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Former Pikmin and Wii Fit Developer Making New Game

New title will not be for Wii or DS and will not have pornographic content.


Former Nintendo developer Motoi Okamoto is working away on a new game through Entersphere, a company he formed in 2008 after leaving the Kyoto gaming giant.

Gaming blog My Game Flash reports that it encountered Okamoto at an indies game festival in Akihabara on Saturday. Okamoto revealed that he's working on a new game and also said, "It's for a consumer system. I can't say much, but it will probably be something totally different from what I've done so far. By the way, it's not on Wii or DS." The term "consumer system" usually refers to a console or portable.

Presumably due to the theme of the event, My Game Flash also asked Okamoto if the new game will have sexual content. The answer was no.

While at Nintendo, Okamoto worked as a director and planner, having a hand in such titles as Pikmin, Pikmin 2, Wii Play, Wii Fit. He also served as programmer on a number of older Nintendo hits.

His Entersphere studio is most known for its work on fg and cg, two content sharing sites that focus respectively on figures and 3DCG. The studio has also worked with Square Enix on the development of Party Castle, an online community that recently went into open beta.

The Works page at the developer's official site says that it's working on a number of projects involving user generated content services and online games. An employment section at the site offers no clues, only stating that the tsudio works on a variety of platforms, from PS3 and Xbox 360 to PSP and DS, down to Facebook and iPhone.

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