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Final Fantasy XIII Goes Commercial

Posters, umbrellas, jewelry and more on the way for FFXIII's release.


It looks like that pendant I wrote about a couple of days back was just one drop in a river of Final Fantasy XIII product to accompany the big PS3 RPG later this year. This week's Famitsu has details on ten items, some of which are already available.

Here's what's shown in the magazine:

Original T-Shirt -- Odin
Original T-Shirt -- Shiva
Clear File
An A4 size clear file that's available in three forms: Lightning, Snow, and Vanille. Priced at ¥399 each. Available this winter.
Key Holder Lightning
This ¥1,995 key holder has an die cast imprint of Lightning's sword on a leather band. Set for release this Winter.
Clear Poster Mini
This eight poster set goes for ¥630. Each poster measures 51.5cm in height and 18.5cm in length. Available this Winter.
Engagement Pendant Serah
This silver pendant is worn by Serah and Snow in the game. Priced at ¥24,150, available this winter.
Silver Pendant l'Cie
This necklace has a silver pendant designed around the l'Cie marking that Snow, Lighting and others have on their bodies. Priced at ¥16,800. Available now.
Silver Pendant Lightning
A pendant that's worn by Lightning. Priced at ¥13,650. Available now.
Original Umbrella
This clear umbrella is opened with a quick button press. Note that there's a $500 fine for actually using it in the rain. Priced at ¥1,575, available now.
Original Zippo l'Cie
A Zippo lighter with the l'Cie marking. Priced at ¥13,650, available now.

You'll also find a card case and sports drink bottles at the Square Enix FFXIII product page. I might pick up the ¥2,900 case for myself, as the logo from the Final Fantasy XII case I got as swag back at that game's Roppongi Hills premiere event has totally faded.

For overseas buyers, some of the items are available at PlayAsia.

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