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More Castlevania Pics

Get a closer look before ReMake hits WiiWare on Tuesday.


You can stop scrutinizing that single screenshot of Castlevania the Adventure: ReBirth that Konami released last week. Nintendo has opened its own special page for the game and now we suddenly have four more shots to look at.

The res is a bit lower on these pics, but as a nice side effect things don't look as blown up. See for yourself here:

Nintendo's page doesn't share additional details on the game. As previously announced, this third installment in the ReBirth series is a remake of 1989's Castlevania the Adventure, known here as Dracula Densetsu (Dracula Legend). The game promises fully remade visuals, newly drawn enemies and bosses, and newly arranged music pulled from the Castlevania series as a whole.

What other updates await? We'll find out when Castlevania the Legend: ReBirth hits on Tuesday at 1,000 WiiPoints.

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