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Monster Hunter Ties with Taiko Drum Master

Plus, see the new PSP Monster Hunter game being announced.


Monster Hunter Diary wasn't the only major announcement to come out of yesterday's Monster Hunter Festa finals. Capcom also used the final leg of the national Monster Hunter tournament to announce a tie-up between the Japan-beating series and Namco Bandai's Taiko Drum Master series.

Taiko Drum Master 13, the next arcade entry in the drumming series, will allow players to beat along with a Monster Hunter Medley song. A release for Taiko Drum Master 13 is currently planned for December.

Speaking at the event, Monster Hunter series producer Ryozo Tsujimoto said, mysteriously, that the tie-up with Taiko Drum Master will encompass the newly announced Monster Hunter Diary game. He did not share specifics.

In other Monster Hunter Festa news, a video of the Monster Hunter Diary announcement has surfaced at YouTube. You can view it here.

There isn't much said during the short clip. The person speaking off screen its Tsujimoto. He says that the game has Airu as the main character and that there were calls from players to make a game themed around the character.

Closing off the clip, the celebrity guests ask, jokingly, if it's a shooting game.

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