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Bayontta Probably Can't Ride Space Mountain

Newly released artwork seems to suggest that Platinum diva stands a whopping 2.5 meters tall.


Bayonetta has long hair. Long, magic hair capable of covering up her body and forming enemy-killing vortexes -- although not at the same time.

Bayonetta's hair isn't the only thing that's long about her. Recently, Sega released a somewhat peculiar piece of artwork:

The girl to the left of Bayonetta is Cereza. She calls Bayonetta "Mummy," which I've heard is how they say "Mommy" in England. She's full of mystery. No one knows how exactly she entered the heavily guarded town.

This image is peculiar because... well, why in the world is Bayonetta so tall? Or is Cereza real short? Someone decided to explore:

Assuming Cereza is a meter in height, Bayonetta manages to stand a whopping 2.5 meters high. That's 11 Bayonetta heads, and about 1.5 Soul Calibur Siegfrieds.

Don't let the height difference fool you, though. Bayonetta may make skillful use of torture moves to finish off her foes, but Cereza is clearly the boss here.

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