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Dress Up Like a D3 Booth Babe in Dream Club DLC Update

Also available: the "preschool" outfit. Oh dear.


How much would you pay to get that hot girl you've had your eye on dressed up like a D3 Publisher booth babe? A good amount, I imagine. Now let's say, in place of that girl, you get to dress up one of the girls in D3's Xbox 360 virtual hostess sim, Dream Club.

If 400 Microsoft Points sounds right to you, set aside your points for November 16, as that's when Dream Club's growing download content library will be updated with the 400 MS Point "D3P Companion" outfit:

If memory serves me correctly, that is indeed what the D3 Publisher booth babes look like (minus the cell shading). Of course, D3 wasn't at TGS this year, so I have to strain a bit to remember.

Other costumes set for this month include:

  • Tennis Wear (11/10, 320 MSP)
  • Waitress (11/10, 320 MSP)
  • Nurse (11/10, 400 MSP)
  • Pure Sailor Clothes (11/10, 400 MSP)
  • Preschool (11/16, 400 MSP)
  • Lovely Dog (11/27, 320 MSP)
  • Pretty Cat (11/27, 320 MSP)

Yes, there's a "preschool" costume on the way. Here's a look:

Preschoolers here do dress somewhat like that. Just add a big backpack.

D3 provided images for all the costumes but Lovely Dog, a costume designed in the image of a dog. A cat costume was expected, but I'm sure no one expected a dog costume.

The costume images show a few of the accessories, listed below:

  • Small Glasses (11/10, 80 MSP)
  • Cyber Goggles (11/10, 80 MSP)
  • Maid Katyusha (11/10, 80 MSP)
  • Sun Visor (11/10, 80 MSP)
  • Crown (11/10, 160 MSP)
  • Head Phones (11/10, 160 MSP)
  • Teething Ring (11/27, 80 MSP)
  • Collar with Bell (11/27, 80 MSP)
  • Stylish Sun Glasses (11/27, 80 MSP)
  • Acoustic Guitar (11/27, 160 MSP)
  • Bunny Ears (11/27, 80 MSP)
  • Bunny Feet (11/27, 80 MSP)
  • Wolf Ears (11/27, 80 MSP)
  • Wolf Tail (11/27, 80 MSP)

So you can have a teething ring in addition to a preschool uniform. Scandalous!

For those who'd rather update Dream Club instead of buying Rainbow Island, D3 will also be offering the following high priced songs:

Sweet X 2 Summer
This is Amane's theme song, but all the girls can sing it. Set for 11/10, priced at 800 MSP.
Setsu's theme song, also singable by all the girls. Set for 11/16, priced at 800 MSP.
Ikenai Lip Stick
Rui's theme song, singable by all girls, set for 11/16, and priced at 800 MSP.

I expect Nico Nico's traffic to explode next month.

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