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Uncharted 2: These Are your Japanese Voice Actors

Find out who plays Drake and the rest of the cast in Sony's localized version.


Sony gave Uncharted 2 a full Japanese localization, allowing us to hear what Nathan Drake's common-guy banter sounds like in a language he couldn't possibly speak. Of course, the game's full cast was given Japanese voice overs as well (i'd be neat if they'd mixed it up, to be honest!)

Someone on 2channel assembled comparison pics showing the Japanese voice actors with their US counterparts. Hachimaki passed on the information, once again saving me from a trip into the hellish realms of 2channel. I've passed along the information here so that you can read it in English.

I've also added details about the Japanese voice actors, since I think it's important that you know how Uncharted is connected to The Rock, in case the question ever comes up on Qi and you're a witty British comedian.

In the below comparison pics, the voice actor for the Japanese version of the game is the one who looks Asian and has the Japanese name.

Nathan Drake: Nolan North VS Hiroki Touchi

Touchi is also the voice actor of Malik in Tales of Graces, Edward Carnby in Alone in the Dark, and Desmond Miles in Assassin's Creed. In non gaming productions, he does voice overs for the characters portrayed by Will Smith and The Rock.

In case you're unfamiliar with the Japanese voice acting world, voice actors are often tied to particular foreign actors rather than just their characters.

Chloe Frazer: Claudia Black VS Masako Katsuki

Katsuki's game roles include a bunch of Super Robot games. Outside of games, she's the voice of Tsunade in Naruto, Samantha in Sex and the City, and April O'Neil in TMNT!

Elena Fisher: Emily Rose VS Yuko Nagashima

Nagashima plays Tina Armstrong in Dead or Alive and Teliko Friedman in the Metal Gear series. In the non gaming world, she's Sarah Jessica Parker's counterpart in Sex and the City.

Victor Sullivan: Richard McGonagle VS Shigeru Chiba

Chiba has done game work in such series as Tengai Makyo and Sakura Taisen. Outside of games, he's done lots of anime work.

Harry Flynn: Steve Valentine VS Nobutoshi Kanna

Game work for Kanna includes Maxi in the Soul series and Knuckles in the Sonic series.

Zoran Lazarevic: Richard McGonagle VS Takayuki Sugo[/secthead_main] Game work for Sugo includes Foris Zecht in Final Fantasy XII, and Onimusha 3's Jacques Blanc (the guy visualized by Jean Reno).

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