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Kojima Productions are BAMF

Plus, Hideo Kojima does business casual! And why is Tomokazu Sugita so shocked?


CSI Kojima Productions is now live. Visit the Kojipro blog, and you'll now see that stylish staff pic that was shared last week now gracing the top.

The blog also provides a clickable large version of the pic. Large enough to make a wall-sized version for your special Hideo Kojima room? Let me know!

The picture was taken outside Konami's headquarters in Tokyo Midtown, central Tokyo. As revealed by the credits, professional photographer Naoto Ikeda took it. No wonder the staff got all dressed up and stayed at the office late!

Actually, scratch that second one. Would you believe that the picture was taken in the afternoon? It was a rainy afternoon, but still daylight none the less! In a blog post today, Kojima attributes the illusion to Ikeda's magic.

The concept of the image, according to Kojima, is "the group of creators that is accepted throughout the world." It's not meant to mimic CSI, though. Kojima says that it's based off Star Trek in sense that they've assembled a high level staff which crosses racial and national borders (he's mentioned this Star Trek thing in past podcasts).

In other Kojima Productions blog update news, here's a glimpse at the kinds of food you get to eat when working with Kojima and crew on recording sessions:

Lots and lots of bentos. Japanese bentos are delicious, so I'm sure they're not complaining. Even the convenience store bentos here aren't half bad, and these are definitely a few steps up from those.

Here's an image for the Metal Gear fans to scrutinize:

That's Tomokazu Sugita, voice actor for Miller, holding the Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker script. Why his he shocked?

And finally, here's business casual Hideo Kojima:

Writes Kojima in a post today, "One of the big reasons I originally entered this industry was that the workplace doesn't require that you wear a suit. However, at this age, going to work in normal clothes arouses suspicion amongst neighbors and on the train. So, suits are sometimes good."

Kojima wasn't just wearing a suit for the hell of it, though. He says that he has a bunch of meetings to attend this week.

I'm wondering how Kojima possibly has time for meetings between all the blog posts (as of 21:00 Tuesday, he'd already made six posts!), the video editing, the working out, the ponderings of world peace, and the occasional photo sessions with world class photographers.

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