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Hideo Kojima Issues ZOE Followup Post

Kojima Productions staffers excited about sequel's prospects.


Hideo Kojima has issued a followup on his Zone of Enders sequel blog post from the 17th. In that post, the Metal Gear Solid creator promised that a ZOE sequel would be made at some point in the future.

Writing his first of what will probably be a dozen posts today at the Kojima Productions official blog, Kojima said, "The reaction [to the post] was greater than I'd expected. The comments topped the 100 mark, and the access count reached levels of the Tokyo Game Show time. It was picked up in a variety of places, including the net and press, and spread throughout the world."

Kojima even said that he's heard rumors that used prices for Anubis (the Japanese name for PlayStation 2's ZOE 2) have gone up.

The biggest surprise for him, though, was the internal reaction at Kojima Productions. When encountering former Anubis staff members on the elevator or around the Tokyo Midtown facility that Konami calls home, he's told, "I read your BLOG. Is it true?" and "When are we going to make Anubis?" and "Please let me take part in it!".

A Mr. Omori, who did 2D work on Metal Gear solid 4 put up an Anubis display at his desk:

Kojima's reaction to all this is "Please wait a little more."

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