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This is what's in the Japanese PSP go box

Sony sends out demo units to the Japanese press.

The Japanese PSP go box.

With PSP go already out around the world, the system's Japanese launch probably isn't drawing too much attention amongst English-speaking gamers. But Sony does appear to be giving the system somewhat of a push here. Recently, it sent out demo units to the Japanese press, and Famitsu.com did one of those unboxing articles you might have seen on Western sites a couple of months back.

The story at the site reveals the content of the Japanese PSP go package. Similar to other territories, the system includes an AC adapter, a USB cable, and a Media Go CD-ROM.

Sony will be giving Japanese players some special content right out of the box. The system's includes demos for Hot Shots Tennis Portable, Everyone's Sukkiri (a Hot Shots series mini-game collection that's already out) and the new SNS service ROOM. The ROOM demo is limited to avatar creation only (I presume it's the same demo that was on display at the Tokyo Game Show), but this avatar can be imported into the final version once the official service kicks off this Winter.

See the Famitsu.com story for more pics of the Japanese PSP go packaging. Piano Black and Pearl White versions of PSP go hit here on November 1 -- an extremely rare Sunday launch. Sony is asking ¥26,800 for the system, putting it exactly ¥10,000 over the current PSP-3000.

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