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PSP go Gets Stylish Pictogram Cases

Sony offers early adopters a stylish option for carrying around their new system.


As you might have inferred from this earlier story about the PSP go's packaging, Sony has not included a case with the PSP go. You're probably going to want to buy something to store your pricey new portable.

Sony provided a high class option today for those who've got the yens to spend. The company sent out notice announcing the start of reservations for the Porter X PS Pictogram series of PSP go cases.

Two cases will be on offer. At ¥7,350, the nylon PSP go Pouch is the cheaper option. Those willing to sacrifice three games can opt for the PSP go Leather Case, which runs ¥12,800.

The nylon case.
The leather case.

Both will be available on November 1. See the Pictogram Series official site for details on where you can order.

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