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Big Super Street Fighter IV Announcement Next Week

Plus, first details on the next national tournament.


Today's update at the Street Fighter IV official blog contains news for arcade goers and home players alike.

For those who still like to put 100 yen pieces into well-maintained arcade machines, the post has first details on the next Street Fighter IV National Tournament. Preliminaries for the tournament will be held in seven cities: Tokyo, Kyoto, Nagoya, Kagawa, Fukuoka, Sendai, and Sapporo. Specific arcade locations and times will be announced later.

For those who go the home route, there's a bit of news about Super Street Fighter IV. Actually, there's news about news. Due to a holiday, next week's Tuesday blog update will take place on Wednesday. The main Super Street Fighter IV site will see an update on the 6th. Says writer Nakki: "This means... there'll be a big announcement!! Bwa ha ha ha ha."

New character? New gameplay feature? Both?

Probably both.

The holiday might affect the usual Famitsu leak schedule, but if there is a big announcement, expect details to leak out on Wednesday or Thursday.

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